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This directory (ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/doc/games/roleplay) contains all kind of roleplaying related stuff. Including character sheets, programs, text-files, info-files etc.

If you have any questions or you upload some new stuff to incoming directory send mail to kivinen@nic.funet.fi.

You may also want to see various other ftp and www places, here are some url's to them:

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  • 00Readme (1 KB) [Sep 9 1997]

    nic.funet.fi /pub/misc/roleplay readme file.

  • pictures (--dir--)

    Roleplaying related pictures.

  • programs (--dir--)

    Roleplay programs, character generators, combat help programs etc.

  • sheets (--dir--)

    Varios roleplay sheets, character sheets, tables etc. postscript, ascii, spreadsheet documents etc.

  • stories (--dir--)

    Rolaplay stories.

  • systems (--dir--)

    Stuff for different roleplay systems.

  • texts (--dir--)

    All kind of texts about roleplaying.

  • Tero Kivinen <kivinen@hut.fi>