Entiminae Schönherr, 1826
Tribe Brachycerini Bovie, 1909
Tribe Otiorhynchini Schönherr, 1826
Tribe Alophini
  • Alophini; [FE]
Tribe Peritelini Lacordaire, 1863
Tribe Trachyphloeini Lacordaire, 1863
Tribe Omiini Shuckard, 1840
Tribe Phyllobiini Schönherr, 1826
Tribe Polydrusini Schönherr, 1823
Tribe Sciaphilini Sharp, 1891
Tribe Brachyderini Schönherr, 1826
Tribe Cneorhinini Lacordaire, 1863
Tribe Geonemini Gistel, 1856
Tribe Tropiphorini Leng, 1920
Tribe Tanymecini Lacordaire, 1863
Tribe Sitonini Gistel, 1856
Tribe Cyphicerini
Tribe Myorhini
  • Myorhini (Entiminae); [FE]
Tribe Naupactini
  • Naupactini (Entiminae); [FE]
Tribe Psallidini
  • Psallidini (Entiminae); [FE]

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