Hydrocharitaceae Juss., 1789 Kilpukkakasvit Frog's Bit Family
  • Blyxaceae Nakai
  • Elodeaceae Dumort.
  • Enhalaceae Nakai
  • Hydrocharitaceae (Helobiae); [GMB, #21]
  • Hydrocharitaceae (Butomales); [FFP, #344]
  • Hydrocharitaceae (Hydrocharitales); [GNSP]
  • Hydrocharitaceae (Alismatales); [RK, #115]

Foodplants for Elophila fengwhanalis, E. interruptalis, E. turbata, Parapoynx stratiotatum

Subfamily Vallisnerioideae
Subfamily Thalassioideae
Subfamily Halophiloideae

16.10.2000 (6)


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