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Note that Mule is now old and you should be using the newest Emacs instead, which has the Mule i18n features built-in. This directory mirrors Mule (Multi-lingual Emacs) from it's official distribution point, sh.wide.ad.jp, directory /JAPAN/mule.

00README (8 kilobytes)
BUG-INFO (16 kilobytes)
READMEDIR (directory)
READMEDIR.tar.gz (168 kilobytes)
contrib (directory)
diff-19.28-2.3.gz (1552 kilobytes)
diff-2.2.2-2.3.gz (208 kilobytes)
elisp-manual-19-2.4-jp (directory)
fonts (directory)
mailing-list (directory)
mule-2.3.tar.gz (9472 kilobytes)
split (directory)

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